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Madison Craft Beer | Taplist

Last Updated 5/26/23

01. Reese & Desist | Central Waters Brewing • Amherst, WI
Barrel Aged Imperial Stout • ABV 11.3%
This beer is a true testament to mankind’s arrogance. We took an already perfect pairing, chocolate and peanuts, and challenged ourselves to improve upon it further by doing what we do best: aging it in bourbon oak barrels. This smooth and creamy treat will satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth!

02. Warped Speed | Lake Louie Brewing • Verona, WI
Scotch Ale • ABV 6.9%
Brewed in the classic scotch ale style with a deep reddish-brown color. Full of body, sweetness, and flavor.

03. Repo Man | Revolution Brewing • Chicago, IL
Rye Stout • ABV 6.4%
A dark, roasty Rye Stout with a luminously smooth texture returns from the early days of Revolution. Brewed for those who spend their lives getting into tense situations.

04. 15-2 | 3 Sheeps Brewing • Sheboygan, WI
American Stout • ABV 7.2%
A delicious, roasty year round stout perfect when crushing your friends playing a game of Cribbage.

05. Foamers Lime | Fair State Brewing Coop. • Minneapolis, MN
Lime Lager • ABV 4.6%
Foamers Lime is our idea of a perfect summer day, in can form. It’s our favorite drinking beer, Crankin’ Foamers, with some really choice lime puree thrown into the mix. Bright, zesty, juicy, maximally crisp and drinkable.

06. Infinity Hero | Revolution Brewing • Chicago, IL
American IPA • ABV 7.0%
The universe has long been at odds between Classic and Hazy IPAs. Infinity-Hero sets out to unite these
dimensions by weaving the best of both worlds into an extremely drinkable, forward-looking IPA. A next-gen dry hop including Nectaron, Strata, HBC #586, and HBC #1019 provides a glimpse into the future of hop innovation with seemingly endless juicy, citrus character.

07. Yuzu Nama Biiru | Japas Cervejaria • Sāo Paulo, Brazil
Japanese Rice Lager • ABV 4.9%
At the end of the day, when Japanese factories and offices begin to empty, it is the Izakayas – Japanese pubs – that are full. And, in all of them, one request is certain: Nama Biru, which means ‘live/raw beer’, that is, unpasteurized and ultra fresh. Our Nama Biru is light, clear, dry and extremely refreshing, as if it had been taken directly from the tap. With a delicious combination of Sorachi Ace and Lemondrop hops, this version also has a touch of yuzu, a rare Japanese citrus fruit.

08. Fünf | Working Draft Beer Co. • Madison, WI
5th Anniversary Pilsner • ABV 4.9%
For Working Draft’s FIFTH Anniversary, they selected their five favorite pilsner malts and hops from around the world. This pilsner features ingredients from America, Belgium, Germany, France, and Czechia. Cheers to 5 Years!

09. Zingibeer Ginger Lager • Herbiery Brewing • Madison, WI
American Lager • ABV 4.0%
Light-bodied lager with just a hint of ginger. Be sure to check out Herbiery Brewing’s Grand Opening on June 24th!

10. Saison Bay View | Supermoon Brewing • Milwaukee, WI
Farmhouse Style Saison • ABV 5.6%
Soft, slightly bitter. Juicy Fruit Gum. Candied peach, coriander, vanilla.

11. Sauvignon Hop |Badger State Brewing • Milwaukee, WI
American Pilsner • ABV 10.0%
A bold Midwest Double IPA was brewed with Topaz hops (which highlight strong resin, pine, and lychee flavors and aromas) and barrel-aged in both Sauvignon Blanc barrels and Curacao barrels. After barrel aging for two months, we dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops (white wine, lychee, gooseberry).

12. Oberon | Bell’s Brewing • Kalamazoo, MI
Wheat • ABV 5.8%
Summers Here. Sun those thighs.

13.DDH Bowie’s Space Suit: Galaxy | Eagle Park Brewing • Milwaukee, WI
New England / Hazy IPA • ABV 8.0%
Bowie’s in space – watcha’ doin’ out there, man? A double dry hopped version of Bowies Space Suit, our New England style hazy IPA with Citra and Galaxy hops, with an extra helping of Galaxy hops.

14. King Sue | Toppling Goliath • Decorah, IA
Imperial New England / Hazy IPA • ABV 7.8%
Full-bodied, hazy double IPA Citra-hopped for a juicy combination of mango, orange, and pineapple flavors. Finishes with a grapefruit aroma and ferocious bite.

15. Erik B & Rakau | 1840 Brewing • Milwaukee, WI
Imperial / Double IPA • ABV 8.0%
Featuring a posse of hops from New Zealand and the U.S., this Double IPA ain’t no joke. Sit back & sip on this dank and juicy number and let your taste buds be Paid in Full.

16. Ambergris | Barrier Brewing Company w/ Finback Brewing • Oceanside, NY
New England / Hazy IPA • ABV 8.5%
An 8.5% Sticky icky nectar of the gods NE IPA! Brewed in collaboration with our WHALEY big homies from Queens… Finback Brewery! Once experienced, you will feel as if you discovered a rare form of hoppy excellence… Filled to the brim with boatloads of Nelson, Rakau and Mosaic…. juicy candied dankness!! Cheers to greatness!

17. Haus Weisse – Mango Ginger | 1840 Brewing • Milwaukee, WI
Berliner Weisse • ABV 4.8%
Sour wheat ale with mango & ginger added.

18. Banana Mango Smoothie | O’so Brewing Company • Plover, WI
Fruited Sour • ABV 6.0%
Sour Ale fermented with mango and bananas

19. Tiki Tom After Dark: Tutti Frutti | Badger State Brewing Co. • Green Bay, WI
Fruited Sour • ABV 7.9%
Inspired by the brandied fruit jar your grandmother likely hid in the pantry; slightly tart and open fermented in cognac barrels, this lightly aged beer is full of fruit-forward flavors. Stone fruit puree’ compliment the origins of the brandy notes in the background. It’s a cocktail vibe all day, or in this case, After Dark.

20. Sippin’ Pretty | Odell Brewing Co. •  Fort Collins, CO
Sour – Fruited • ABV 4.5%
More of a mantra than a beer, Sippin’ Pretty is our Fruited Sour Ale. Loaded with our unique blend of açai, guava, and elderberry, and balanced with a delicate addition of Himalayan pink sea salt, this beer pops with a bright ruby color and a refreshing tart finish. So sit back, relax, and sip on something pretty.

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